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Why should I join?

Here are five reasons why alumni of Fayetteville State University living in the Washington DC region should consider joining the DC Chapter for the 2023-2024 year:

  1. “It’s time” – Time to give back to a beloved part of your life – The transition into becoming an adult where everlasting friendships were made and remain. Let’s celebrate that time together in Blue and White Style. Deeds not Words!
  2. Fayetteville State University is growing tremendously with first time students from households that have dreams and aspirations very much like we all once shared. The FSU DC Chapter provides connections and established conduits for students to return and work in professional positions in the Washington Metro area.
  3. The FSU DC chapter has established working relationships with major federal, state, and local government agencies which provide access to students desiring internships and other alumni opportunities.
  4. For sports fans – FSU DC Chapter keeps you plugged into the FSU National Chapter with all the latest and greatest sports news, engagements, and social events. Early notification and discount offers for special activities including homecoming host hotels. The DC Chapter is actively engaged with “Events Baltimore” and the “CIAA Basketball Committee” to host the CIAA Basketball tournament for February 2024.
  5. The FSU DC Chapter has relationships with “Experience Prince George’s, Maryland Parks & Planning” and “Events DC” to attend exciting events in our area. As President of Washington DC Alumni Chapter, (The Flag Ship Chapter of FSU Alumni Chapters), we are in a unique position with a diverse membership and a rich history to include members who have graduated as far back as the 1950’s. We remain committed to “Res Non Verba” – “Deeds not Words” and have for our 75 years of existence as a chapter. We have alumni that have made major contributions to DMV (DC, MD & VA) community, raised successful families, established roots in the DMV and have established social and professional networks with fellow alumni. Our DC Alumni Chapter Family welcome you to be part of our journey. Let’s make the FSU DC Chapter a place to express your Bronco Pride, a family where you can reminisce with a smile about the day of crossing those railroad tracks to reach the dining hall or class!

Who Can Join?

An Alumni Member shall be defined as any graduate of FSU or any person who matriculated at the University in pursuit of a degree.

An Associate Member is a non-alumnus/alumna who wishes to participate in Chapter activities and has paid local Chapter dues. Associate Members are entitled to the same benefits as other members except to hold elected positions on the Executive Committee.

Active membership in the National Alumni Association and the District of Columbia (DC) Chapter strengthens your alma mater, allowing us to provide special events in your communities and to award scholarships to students to attend FSU while enabling you to stay connected. The FSU National Alumni Association also provides exclusive benefits to our members, thanks to our corporate partners.

Membership gives you the pride and satisfaction that you are making a difference in the present and future of Fayetteville State University! Proud To Be!

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